Ken Tielkemeier: The last painting

Firenze, 2007
oil on canvas
Dimensions: 100 x 150 cm / 39 x 59 inches
3300 €
In July 2007 in Florence Ken Tielkemeier began painting what would be his last painting that he never finished. The artist was disturbed by the illness that was consuming him. This painting represents his thoughts at that time. On the left we see the cats in the condominium that seem to waiting for Ken since he always took care of them. In the center we see Tielkemeier’s head painted on a branch of the tree of life that is rising towards the sky. Further on the right the figure of the expressionist artists model. Ken Tielkemeier died mid August in 2007.

Black Guitar
1500 €
Giulietta with steeple
1600 €
3300 €
junked car
900 €
The Virgin Mary
1900 €
New York Bay Sunrise with yellow butterfly
2400 €
nude woman on striped blanket
1900 €
Park hill
1800 €
Still life with carafe
2700 €
Yellow breasts
2300 €
Flood #5
2600 €
Franca with fern
1900 €